Cinq Mondes offers you a Ko Bi Do youth treatment

The cinq monde spa in Paris

Amidst the chilly weather, the December work stress, and the gift rush, all we dream of is one thing: to be pampered! And when it comes to massages, Cinq Mondes draws inspiration from the most effective well-being techniques from around the world, starting with Ko Bi Do, the true signature of the brand. Dreaming of it? It's a gift: Cinq Mondes invites you to experience its Redensifying treatment in its delightfully cozy spa at La Samaritaine...


Ten years younger... without surgery!

If Japanese women have a doll-like complexion, it's not by chance. A true star of Japanese skincare, Ko Bi Do involves a deep facial massage that works on wrinkles, firmness, and pigmentation spots through expert pressure techniques.

At La Samaritaine, Cinq Mondes offers its version of the Redensifying Ko Bi Do (50 minutes - €124), a comprehensive anti-aging treatment that acts like a manual facelift, focusing on the eye area, mouth, décolleté, and arms. The result? Plumped and smoothed skin, a youthful complexion, and an endless sense of well-being.

Also, discover the first Botox bar in Paris and Paoma, which is opening its beauty house in Saint-Germain.

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