The Breaking Bad actor is making his come-back at the cinema

Bryan Cranston in Dalton Trumbo character

He had dropped from the radar since the end of the cult series, but Bryan Cranston, aka the unforgettable Walt, in Breaking Bad is back in a terrific biopic.

Change of style for the actor, who slips with brio in the slippers of Dalton Trumbo, the brilliant scriptwriter of Roman Holiday and Spartacus.

For better insight, flashback to the glam’ Hollywood of the 50s, litterally terrified by the red commie threat stemming from Moscow. Dalton Trumbo, a well known communist, becomes persona non grata. Blacklisted by the studios, he had to work on the sly to continue writing stories that were to become cult films. A #truestory epic!

We like: a true lesson of life on freedom of thought and expression, behind off-the-wall situations.

To be noted, the discrete and refreshing role of Elle Fanning (kid sister of Dakota an it-girl), who plays the role of Trumbo.


Dalton Trumbo. To be released on the 27th of April 2016.

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