The 3 best massages to test in order to give yourself a booster

Booster D Eclat

To boost your morale, pamper yourself and start off the year with good habits – how to think of yourself without feeling guilty, a small selection of 3 marvellous treatments to improve your moral and give you radiance!

The Royal Energy

massage complet visage et corps

A complete face and body massage with the gestures and natural method of Clarins, to unclog and bring back dynamics to the blood flow of the entire body, but also the face.

Where? At the Spa My Blend by Clarins located at the Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris, in a deluxe and immaculate universe for a superb well-being parenthesis.

For whom? All those who feel bloated, tight in their clothing and puffy.

The promise? Lighter legs, a toned body, a smoother face.

The protocol? The beautician is there to accelerate blood flow slowed down by all the excesses, fatigue, cold, stress… Using gestures that include special pressure points that will make tension points disappear and “sweeping away” other parts, in order to drain and redynamize the lymphatic system. The treatment ends with a real face scrub and a quenching mask. A spray of dynamic water ends the treatment.

The plus? The wonderful Clarins products with a sensorial festival.

1h30 - €250 with access to the pool, sauna, hammam. All the info on www.leroyalmonceau.com.

A haute couture treatment

soin éclat repulpant

A repulping radiance treatment created by Odile Vilain, who followed kinesitherapy training, but is also a physiotherapist—she adapts her gestures to each face.

Where? Near the Madeleine in a handsome Haussmannian apartment, very Parisian, light and design.

For whom? All those who are stressed out and feel bloated.

The promise? A radiant young girl’s complexion with a rested, repulped face, and lines lift upwards!

The protocol? After careful makeup removal, the treatment continues with a series of palpating and rolling, lymphatic draining and pinching. A mix of different techniques adapted to activate microcirculation, relaunch blood flow, decongest and stimulate collagen and elastin.

The plus? You depart with your customized cream concocted just for you by Odile, using 100 % natural essential oils adapted to your needs.

3 face treatments of 45 min plus a personalized cream or oil, €380. All the info on www.lesmainsdodile.fr.

The Kobido

massage facial

A facial massage technique  that goes back a long way in Japan. A shiatsu and lymphatic draining treatment

Where? At the spa George V, one of the most handsome spas in the capital, with 720m2 of well-being space where disconnecting is total the very minute you walk in. Luminous,  modern and refined.

For whom? All those who cumulated fatigue and stress along with non-stop partying, looking not only for a treatment that will bring back the glow, but also live a luxurious experience before and after the treatment. All this in an absolutely superb space with access to the hammam of palace—something to treat yourself to at least once in a lifetime.

The promise? 5 years less with smoothed out lines, a cleansed, moisturized face, a radiant glow, diminished stress effects, a less tired gaze, no more eye-bag pouches.

The protocol? The beautician kneads, massages, dabs face muscles with the thumb, the index and the middle finger on all the face, in 3 steps, all over during 50 min. The goal? Relaunch micro circulation and free tensions.

The plus? The 100 % organic Alaena treatment range used.

50 min - €585 with access to the hammam. All the info on www.fourseasons.com.

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