New routines for sublime skin

Soins Visage

A professional treatment at home or in a luxury spa , a high performance tool, a complete layering … A quick tour of the best routines we have tested to find a radiant complexion and baby skin even in the dead of winter.

A pro at home

Le soin Odacité à domicile de 60 mins

A radiance and anti-aging treatment lasting one hour without moving from the sofa, this is the promise of the duo Simone , specialist in home beauty and Odacité, the cult Californian brand pioneering the clean beauty movement. The two invite themselves to Parisiennes for Temple of Beauty , an exceptional tailor-made treatment that combines the targeted 100% natural Odacité products with a unique layering method broken down into several stages: manual massage and lymphatic drainage using of a Gua Sha follow one another to infuse deep into the skin a cocktail of serums, vitamins and antioxidants adapted to the nature of your skin.

The plus: the cozy atmosphere recreated as in a palace spa with soft music, comfortable massage table and good scents of essential oils.

Result: a well plumped baby skin, a radiant complexion and a calmed mind!

60 min home treatment , Odacité, 98 €

The high performance Gua Sha tool

Le soin It’s Lit Gua Sha Facial  Massager de Solaris

Well-tightened pores, firm, lifted skin, a rosy complexion? This is the promise of this high performance tool: It's Lit Face Massager Tool . A kind of high performance Gua Sha that combines 3 technologies: vibration, heat and led to promote microcirculation , detoxify, refresh and stimulate collagen production.

Instructions for use: 1 to three times a week, you select a massage mode, but you can combine all 3 at the same time. We slide the Gua Sha following the instructions for 2 to 5 minutes and voila.

Result: incredible, the face is sculpted, wrinkles and fine lines reduced, the complexion refreshed and luminous, the skin luminous and soothed.

It's Lit Gua Sha Facial Massager, Solaris , € 85

The Miracle face of Renata Franca

Soin Miracle Face de Renata Franca au spa du Mandarin Oriental

This miracle treatment offered by the wonderful spa at Madarin Oriental Paris where, as soon as you take off your shoes, you already feel better, promises 10 years less in 45 minutes.

Because the lymphatic system also circulates in our face and is often abused by excesses of all kinds, the Miracle Face , lymphatic drainage from the face of the famous Brazilian masseuse Renata Franca , is all good. With Renata's own maneuvers, these 45 minutes of facial massage revive the lymphatic circulation of the face, detoxify and drain swelling.

Result: miraculous and immediate, the bags are erased, the face is lifted, the complexion awakened.

Miracle Face by Renata Franca, 45 min, Spa Mandarin Oriental Paris , € 250

Beautiful skin layering in 5 steps

Le soin Layering avec Baume parfait, Eau de soin essentielle, Elixir contour des yeux, Concentré beauté vitamine c, Crème Gemmoresence

Responsible and vegan, the brand new eco-ethical luxury brand Paoma and its range of treatments - whose major active ingredient comes from gemmotherapy - promises, with a daily routine , beautiful, plumped baby skin and a radiant complexion.

The perfect protocol in 5 steps:

  • Double cleansing with Perfect Balm , the essential step for a pretty complexion, rich in hemp oil, raspberry vinegar and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. It leaves the skin luminous and free of all impurities and makeup.
  • A little spritz of hydration with Water Care hyaluronic acid to plump mouthful Essential.
  • Puffiness and dark circles are reduced with the Eye Contour elixir which, with powerful active ingredients, instantly decongests.
  • We calm inflammation with the Global Anti-Aging Serum packed with vitamin C.
  • The complexion is protected and illuminated with Gemmoressence cream, whose formula with powerful antioxidant active ingredients derived from gemmotherapy promises to be a real shield for the skin.

Result: a Japanese-style layering which, with this rich range of powerful and natural biological active ingredients, leaves the skin incredibly beautiful, clean, well plumped and radiant.

Perfect balm, € 70, Essential care water € 65, Eye contour elixir € 65, Vitamin c beauty concentrate, € 95, Gemmoresence cream € 90, Paoma

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