Santa Maria Novella 1221 Reopens (Finally!) its Boutique in Paris

Santa Maria Novella's perfumery in Paris

Catherine de Medici was already a fan. Founded in Florence in 1221 by Dominican fathers, Santa Maria Novella owes its renown to colognes, ancient elixirs, and reparative ointments whose formulations have remained almost unchanged since their creation. That says a lot! Already present at Le Bon Marché and after the closure of its first Parisian boutique, the world's oldest pharmacy reopens (finally!) at a new address, on Rue Saint-Honoré.


An experience in itself

Santa Maria Novella shop Paris

Apothecary windows, blue-green velvet from floor to ceiling: the majestic Italian-style decor by Studio Baciocchi follows in the footsteps of the Florentine parent company. A kind of time machine to the era when the religious prepared balms, essences, and perfumed waters from the medicinal herbs they cultivated on the nearby hills.


What did Catherine de Medici smell like?

Tradition is a good thing. Nearly five centuries later, the Santa Maria Novella water, created at the request of Catherine de Medici for her marriage to the French king Henri de Valois, is still among the best-sellers. A legendary spritz of Calabrian bergamot and citrus (€85 for a 50ml bottle).


Cosmetics and curiosities

True to its apothecary tradition, Santa Maria Novella goes beyond traditional cosmetics : rose tonic (€24), hand cream (€35), pomegranate shampoo (€30), bar soaps... The Officina also offers liqueurs, to be used as a digestive or in pastry, an antiparasitic lotion for dogs and cats (€24), and home fragrances. The novelty ? Four perfumes that blend flowers and fruits, transmitting the historical olfactory notes of the house (€160).

Special mention for the Melograno in terracotta, a beautiful decorative object that diffuses Cologne essences for a year (€60). Fun fact: this famous pomegranate is seen in the series Emily in Paris. Even Sylvie Grateau can't do without it anymore...


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