Uma Naga: the new buzzing boutique for python bags

Spread the word, python is no longer reserved just for heiresses and socialites nor wealthy it-girls. This new boutique in the 10th is giving a democratic touch to this super deluxe and delicate reptile skin. Soon to be ours: a hot it-bag.

Price of the crime? 180€ for a super chic snake bag, mounted on a chain, 140€ for a clever pouch, 130€ for a flap wallet—all in a wide array of colours. HAL-LU-CI-NANT. Electric blue, shocking pink, canary yellow, turquoise, so you can match up your « precious» with your #ootd (outfit of the day). And let’s not forget the all terrain natural option..

At the origin of the boutique: Meriem Barros, buyer for leading department stores in the USA, who uses her address book to work directly with factories in Indonesia. Each piece is hand-made from farm-bred pythons. The result is intricate work at the right price.

Tops: you can even make a 100% customized order.

Julie Zwingelstein

Where to find it ?

Uma Naga

215 Rue la Fayette,

75010 Paris

01 83 62 70 54

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