A girly comedy at the theater !

Une Comedie De Filles Au Theatre

Proving that womens’ theater is not necessarily has-been, Chambre froide sets forth three brilliant actresses in a comedy of dark and biting humor.

The pitch? Nicky, Molly and Debra all have different temperaments, but they also have very good reasons to kill their husbands! On the edge of a nervous breakdown, the trio is ready to do everything in order to get rid of these overwhelming males. Machiavelic strategies and off-beat ideas are of course buily into this hilarious play.

We like: a spicy mirror response to the Hitchcock film «The crime was almost perfect », in which it was the man who planned the murder of his wife, interpreted by Grace Kelly.

Starting 3 September 2014, from Tuesday to Saturday at 9 pm and matinées on Saturday at 4pm

Seats starting at 22 €

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