A « House of cards » at the theater with Cartes du Pouvoir

You are hooked to THE GOOD WIFE of the political intrigues of Kevin Spicey and Robin Wright? If you like US series with ploys inside the democratic party, the White House race and shady affairs, you are going to love this ultra-contemporary play with a spine chilling scenario written by the author of House of Cards. Not surprising that George Clooney is acting in a film with the same name.

The pitch? Stephen Bellamy, campaign adviser for governor Morris is young, attractive, brilliant and very attractive. He is preparing the primaries for the US presidency, with Paul Zara, ultra-charismatic campaign director in the race to the White House… But a journalist from Time, a young and pretty trainee and a « spin doctor » from the opposite camp are going to change his plans. In politics, cynicism  and treason are everywhere!

Cool ! Those who are allergic to dusty theaters and Racine are finally going to enjoy the stage. Here, no old-school decor. The ultra rhythmic scenography keeps us on her toes with very design decors—amazing music.

Duration of the play: 2h without any intermission.

Representation Tuesday to Saturday at 21h. Saturday  and at 3:30 pm and Sunday  at 6pm

Places à p. de 17€.


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Where to find it?

Théâtre Hébertot

78bis boulevard des Batignolles

75017 Paris


Villiers Villiers

Rome Rome

Villiers Villiers

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