A super coach to clean out your closet

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Every morning, in front of your wardrobe, you say:

a) « I have nothing to wear. »

b) « I have tons of clothes, but nothing fits me. »

c) « I have too many clothes and nothing matches. »

So? Well, to sum things up, it’s a disaster. The solution? Call « L’épingle du Je » to the rescue. Behind this top notch personal shopping service, an ex-stylist and fashion editor, who comes over to sort your closet and puts together a wardrobe just for you. Hurray!

The price? 450€ for 100% personalized coaching. Not that expensive when you think of all the money your are going to save. Because in addition to cleaning out your closet, this super pro teaches you how to choose the ultra sliming dress, a pair of jeans to really make your butt look great, the right cleavage… In short, no more impulse shopping that you regret and never return. And what happiness to pick your look of the day in a super clean and tidy closet!


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