Who are the dancers everyone is talking about?

A Teacher

They are the new Millepied, Pietragalla and Dupond. A little poetry in this pandemic world: for the new number of his show on Canal + , Antoine de Caunes receives an assembly of inspiring artists. Profession: dancer will welcome on January 11 (then in replay) the choreographers Marion Motin (little sister of the successful illustrator Margaux Motin , choreographer of Stromae and Christine and The Queens), Léo Walk who triumphed with his troupe at the Olympia this fall, Mehdi Kerkouche whose contemporary show Et Si was performed at the Paris Opera, the two star dancers Ludmila Pagliero and Germain Louvet as well as Lasseindra Ninja , a pioneer of voguing in France.

Everyone will have the opportunity to describe their profession with accuracy and kindness, around their vision of excellence in the discipline, including their retraining projects and the public's gaze.

Those who were triggered by dance icons like Michael Jackson , Liza Minnelli , John Travolta … and even Billy Crawford (guess who!) Admit to always seeking to channel their boundless energy by letting their bodies express themselves.

The body: my best enemy

When the body becomes an instrument of creation and a livelihood, it must be pampered. Not easy when you push it to its limits every day. And the common point that unites all styles of dance, from the rigorous classical ballet to the break through the contemporary, is the relationship to the body .

If Germain Louvet speaks of an “ ambiguous relationship , made of caresses and small slaps ”, Ludmila Pagliero distinguishes between matter and the members of the emotional, of the brain. At 25, Léo Walk admits to finally starting to take care of his “ machine ”. Quite a poem ...

Broadcast on January 11 on Canal + and on www.canalplus.com

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