3 good reasons to go see Valérie Lemercier's biopic on Celine Dion


It's a tender film, directed by an admirer to honor the friendliest star in the world. Fan? Valérie Lemercier probably became one as her research on Celine Dion progressed to achieve an ambitious and endearing biopic , in which she herself embodies the title role. 3 good reasons to go see Aline , in theaters on November 10th.

Because the tribute is deeply respectful

Imagined after the death of the producer and singer's husband at the end of 2016, the film is called Aline … and not Céline. A distance that Valérie Lemercier wanted to allow herself freedom on the screenplay without completely moving away from the singer's real life. Results ? The fiction / reality ratio has a highly cinematic rendering, with pretty imaginary details like a marriage proposal in Italy.

While most of the projects turned to the singer are parody, Valérie Lemercier signs an ultra-first degree but really moving fairy tale , with a notable admiration for the generosity of the diva towards her fans and her family. The story of a child little spoiled by nature, the youngest of 14 siblings in the Quebec countryside and who will become a butterfly thanks to an innate gift for singing ...

Because it is above all a love story

With René, they found each other, ” says the director. In Aline , René Angélil is called Guy-Claude, gently played by the great Quebec actor Sylvain Marcel . It must be said that the producer was planning to give up his job when he received the powerful demo from Céline, then 12 years old. While their student / mentor relationship remains professional at first, their mutual admiration turns to love as Celine grows into an adult.

As the brilliant actress Danielle Fichaud would say , comedy driver who plays an explosive mother, Aline " sets the record straight " on the beauty of this ultra-complicit love story but so long mocked in the media. And above all delivers a cinema love story , the tragic end of which will inevitably bring you a few tears.

Because we laugh non stop

In front of but also behind the camera, we are still talking about Valérie Lemercier , probably the funniest Frenchwoman of her generation. So inevitably, the actors were chosen with care for their comic power, like the family of Aline whose mother and brother are simply irresistible.

Effects also produced by accents, costumes (we think of the enooorme wedding dress forced to go through the window), special effects (the actress plays the singer at 5, 12 and 40 years old) and rhythms including she alone has the secret. A masterpiece of which she can be proud.

In theaters November 10

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