Selfie: our digital addiction dissected in cinema

Film Selfie

In 5 sketches that brilliantly sketch our connection addiction, a host of actors make us laugh and reflect on our madness.

You should know, Selfie is a sketch film. Like The professional secrets of Professor Afelgluk in his time, The Infidels or the Monty Python . In short, a series of little stories revolving around the same theme. Here, in this case, our crazy connected lives, and their excesses. We like it or we don't like the genre, but it would not be a question of leaving ball in head with the certainty of plunging into a long and unique story, because then we would be disappointed.

After this possible blockage, aficionados will happily find the headliners of French humor, starting with the all too rare Blanche Gardin (Jesus in the Last Supper, on the poster that you have seen everywhere in Paris), Manu Payet , Max Boublil (who does a nice double with Play ), Fanny Sidney (Mathias' daughter in Ten percent ) and Elsa Zylberstein .

Tinder, Amazon, vloggers ...

Five stories are five ways of approaching our neuroses, and five behaviors to pinpoint. The film opens with Blanche Gardin , YouTuber by necessity since her son was diagnosed with an orphan disease. To support him, mum and dad make ultra kitsch videos of the poor little one as a family in his hospital journey, camera in hand, much to the despair of their elders. Having become “ influencers ”, the Perez count likes, pile up gifts, prepare their trip to Los Angeles until… Luca recovers.

Bande Annonce du film Selfie avec Manu Payet, Max Boublil, Fanny Sidney, Elsa Zylberstein, Finnegan Oldfield et Blanche Gardin

A first ultra squeaky ( blanchegardien , it seems) and frankly funny sketch about individuals who assess their value and the love they arouse by the yardstick of the number of green thumbs they collect. Elsa Zylberstein , she is an old school teacher who discovers the twittosphere thanks to her students (special mention to the love story with Max Boublil , cute and revealing of our connected loves). Manu Payet is driven mad by Amazon's algorithm , which he has decided to believe all the recommendations. Finnegan Oldfield , Mister 2.8 on Smilove ( Tinder ), tries to raise his rating to nab better chicks as the film ends with a wedding at the end of the world where the guests, driven mad by the forced disconnection, end up discover a digital apocalypse.

We liked

  • The fulgurance of the authors on a subject that should be treated with impertinence and wit. The bet is successful.

  • The games of Blanche Gardin and Maxence Tual , aka Monsieur Perez, perfect as a couple in need of digital notoriety, not against a sex-tape if that was enough to give them back their likes.

  • Elsa Zylberstein who gradually sheds her image as an actress in author films, and marvelously lets go of the horses in well-chosen comedies.

  • The film's teaser for social networks, a must-see.

We regretted

  • The unequal interest in each of the stories (the pitfall of the sketch film).

  • A somewhat incredible ending which should not make us forget the subtleties and the bursts of laughter that preceded it.


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