The Frenchie blockbuster that overshadows Hollywood

Le Chant Du Loup Film

Who said that French cinema cannot overshadow Hollywood ? In a first film as a director, screenwriter Antonin Baudry puts our eyes on a thrilling story of submarines in the midst of an international political crisis. The icing on the cake, Le chant du loup is populated by five-star actors: Matthieu Kassovitz , Omar Sy , François Civil and Reda Kateb . Why this blockbuster works ...

An American action movie

Extrait du film Le chant du loup avec François Civil

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! This first film by Antonin Baudry has nothing to envy to the great American blockbusters such as Battleship or Blacksea. With this story of a nuclear submarine threatened by a foreign presence which finds itself in an uncontrollable gear (impossible to say more without revealing too much), the French director skilfully adopts the codes of American film which works wonderfully: tension unbearable, special effects with small onions, punchlines ...

A cast of madness

Extrait du film avec François Civil, Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz et Reda Kateb

We already adored him in the Ten Percent series as Camille Valentini's boyfriend, we rediscover him, bluffing, in the lead role in The Song of the Wolf : in the skin of a submariner with an exceptional ear who allows him to identify the nationality of the surrounding vehicles, François Civil is faultless. At his side, a prestigious crew ( Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz , Reda Kateb …) tries to correct the error of “ L'Oreille d'Or ” which threatens part of the French fleet with death…


This thrilling and relevant dystopia is drunk like whey and intelligently explores current geopolitical issues at a time of the terrorist threat. If immersion in an underwater environment is guaranteed, we regret the riquiqui female cast.

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