Frosted Corsican tangerines

Preparation: 20 min – freezing time : 4h


Step 1

Cut off the hats of the Corsican tangerines. Remove the flesh at the Inside of the shells and the hats with a little saw knife without harming the rind.

Place the shells and their hats in the freezer.

Step 2

Cut the collected segments into pieces and keep the juice. Place the lot into freezing bags, place them in the deep freeze, nice and flat, during at least 4 hours.

Step 3

When the pieces are frozen, break them up and mix with the glazed sugar until you have a frosty texture.

Then add the egg white and mix again.

Step 4

Fill the shells of the Corsican tangerines with the frosty mix and set in the freezer. Remove them 15 minutes before tasting and place the frozen hats on top.

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Ingredients for 6 persons

-      12 tangerines from Corsica

-      50 g of glazed sugar

-      1 egg white

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