How to save your post-holiday hangover

Recette Anti Gueule De Bois

Phew, the healthy Maisie canteen has concocted for its favorite Parisiennes the perfect anti hangover smoothie. Explanations.

Fennel contains vitamin B and magnesium among other things, it drains the liver and eliminates toxins . Pineapple contains an enzyme which is an excellent fat burner and improves digestion. In addition, its little anise taste is delicious.

Celery is a super diuretic, therefore exceptional for cleaning our body after the holidays.

The cucumber will thin the smoothie, hydrate you and give you a healthy glow!

Choose only organic ! Peel, throw in a blender and presto, in the morning, re-mineralize yourself with minerals and good vitamins (and very little sugar !).

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