A detox juice before the beach!

Eaux Detox

A mix of celery, beet, thyme and beech juice: here is the ideal handmade detox juice before the bathing suit trial.

For 1 jar of ½ L: Preparation 10 min. Difficulty: easy. Cost: €€

The recipe:

1. Rinse the celery and the thyme twigs.

2. Peel the beet and slice in thin round slivers with a mandolin.

3. Place the beet slices at the bottom of the jar, then the celery twig and the birch juice.

4. Add the ice cubes and prettily set up the thyme twigs against the sides of the jar. Pour the water until the top of the jar.

5. Close the jar and leave in the icebox all night long. To be enjoyed the next day with a straw.

Eaux Détox by Sonia Lucano, edition Hachette Cuisine.

Picture Frédéric Lucano.


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1 twig of celery with its leaves

½ Raw beet

A few twigs of fresh thyme

1 tablespoon of birch juice

About 400 ml of mineral water

Ice cubes

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