A dream spa hotel in the Swedish countryside

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Looking for a total immersion with nature? Just a 2-hour flight from Paris, Sweden offers the perfect destination for a rejuvenating getaway at Ästad Vingård, a unique place with typically Scandinavian charm. Activate hygge mode and get ready for an unforgettable experience.


A design hotel disconnected from the world

The spot: Ästad Vingård is a vineyard, ecological hotel, and spa nestled in a magnificent nature reserve, just an hour away from Göteborg in the south of Sweden. In other words, it is an ultra-calming place where you can disconnect from everything and just be surrounded by lakes and centuries-old beech trees, with only the sound of birds as a disturbance. Welcome to paradise!

The rooms: They are a collection of glamping-style cabins with highly minimalist design, featuring a neutral color palette, raw materials, and clean lines. As room service, you can enjoy delicious cheese platters accompanied by Solaris, the organic sparkling wine produced on the estate. We love the Swedish green L:A Bruket products in the bathroom.

The extra touch: tradition requires that each room has a private sauna made of natural stone, allowing you to indulge in an authentic steam bath to eliminate toxins at any time.


A spa lost in nature

Put on your bathrobe and slippers and head to the Sinnenas spa, a wellness gem with breathtaking mineral architecture. The space features various indoor and outdoor saunas (batsu in Swedish) in a wooded garden, along with a sublime heated pool. Start slowly at Furu (80°C), which smells of pine resin, then increase the temperature at Inferno, an oven that reaches 130°C, before taking a dip in the icy pond. Are you up for it?

The highlight of the show: the underwater sauna heated by a wood stove, allowing you to sweat gallons while admiring the trout and crayfish swimming in the pond.


A culinary experience you won't forget

A glass greenhouse planted in the middle of the vineyards welcomes you to Äng, the estate's Michelin-starred restaurant designed by the Norm Architects firm. Here, for the next four hours, get ready for a high-flying gastronomic experience. The unique 19-course menu starts upstairs at the counter, with exquisite bites prepared in front of you using fresh regional ingredients. What's next? Without spoiling too much, let's just say you'll need to take a hidden elevator to access an unsuspected place where the second part of the journey takes place. Unbelievable. Expect to pay €195 for the tasting menu.


How to get there?

Reaching the end of the world has never been easier. Book a direct flight from Paris to Göteborg via Air France (starting at €84). Once there, rely on Lynk & Co, a car-sharing start-up that allows you to sublet vehicles through a dedicated app when they are not used by their users. The vehicle is a rechargeable hybrid SUV with all the options (panoramic sunroof, parking assistance, and even an integrated selfie camera). The concept is popular in Göteborg, where the company's headquarters are located, and you won't have any trouble finding your carriage to get to the hotel.

Stay tuned: this car-sharing concept, already well-established in Europe (Madrid, Amsterdam, Barcelona), is coming soon to Paris.

Rooms start at €340.

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