The Focaccia of summer happy hours

Foccacia with cherries and fresh cheese

Fans of rose and happy hour will adore this ultimate Focaccia recipe, with fresh cheese, twisted with cherries and rosemary. A truly amusing mix & match that will delight comfort food buffs.

For 4 persons:

Tip: Place 500 g of extra fresh cherries en plus on the table.

Level: simple

Preparation time : 15 min.

Cooking time : 20 min.


1. Preheat your oven to 250° th. 6-7

2. Place the dough on a surface sprinkled with flour.

3. Spread with a pastry pin on 1 cm thickness, then place the dough on a plaque covered with sulfur paper.

4. With your finger, firmly press so as to form small holes in the dough, place half a cherry in each hole.

5. Crush the cheese with a fork and place the pieces of cheese on the dough. Sprinkle with olive oil and  fresh rosemary, salt and pepper as you wish.

6. Place your Focaccia in the warm oven and allow to cook for 20min while keeping an eye on the oven : the dough must be puffy and golden.

7. Once cooked, take out the Focaccia from the oven, and serve at happy hour cut in small pieces.

Styling and recipe: Alexia Janny Chivoret - © Pierre Chivoret


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• 1 ball of raw bread dough (Picard)

• 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil

• Lots of rosemary

• 250 g of freshly pitted cherries

• 150 g for fresh ewe cheese

• Salt, pepper

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