Frozen sticks with chocolate and salty almonds


Hurray for do it yourself, especially when you can make a magnum ice cream with very good products!


• Put the cream, the milk and the salt in a pan on an average flame and bring to a slight boil.

• Lower the flame and allow to simmer for 5 min. Add half the chocolate and mix until melted.

• Set in a cool place until completely cold.

• Put the sticks in the molds.

• Pour the mix in the molds, until half the height. Add the chopped almonds.

• Place in deep freeze for 30 min to obtain a slightly firm consistence.

• Add the rest of the chocolate mixed with the rest of the almonds in each mold.

• Place for 1 h 30 in the deep freeze.

• Stock at –18 °C and savor quickly.

Photo taken from the work Glaces by glaces glazed by Henry Guitter in the CQFD collection published by Hachette Cuisine

Photography by Virginie Garnier

Styliste Coralie Ferreira

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Quantity 12 skimo sticks

Preparation 30 min

Deep freeze 2 h

Whole cream 30 cl

Whole milk 60 cl

Salt 1 pinch

Guanaja chocolat chopped or in medalions 100 g

Salty almonds, if possible Valencia 50 g

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