Cyril Lignac's banana-chocolate pancakes

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Attention buzz food! It is the dessert to be tested urgently, unveiled in preview by Cyril Lignac , on the occasion of the release of a new edition of Fait Maison , entirely dedicated to sweetness .

A little advice from the chef if you prefer a savory option? “You can put avocado inside these pancakes and serve them with salmon and lemon cream. "


Recipe for 4 people.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Rest time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 12 minutes


For the pancakes :

250g of flour

30g caster sugar

17 g of baking powder

1 pinch of fine salt

2 organic eggs

65 g butter

30 cl of whole milk

Grape seed oil

For the accompaniments :

1 banana

12.5 cl of whole liquid cream with 35% fat, very cold

15 g vanilla sugar

A few spoonfuls of spread


Prepare the material.

Place a bowl in the freezer to cool it, it will be used to whip up the Chantilly cream.

Melt the butter in the microwave.

Prepare the pancake dough

In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and fine salt. Add the eggs, mix gently, then pour in the previously melted butter and milk, stirring gently without too much whipping - if there are any lumps, that's okay. Leave to stand for 15 minutes at room temperature. The device must not be smooth and must not fall over.

Prepare the accompaniments

Peel and cut the banana into slices 0.5 cm thick and place them on a plate. In the cooled bowl, pour the very cold cream, start to whip it into whipped cream, then add the vanilla sugar. When the Chantilly cream is firm, keep it cool.

Bake the pancakes

In a crepe maker or blini pans, spread a little oil with absorbent paper to avoid excess fat. Gradually pour the dough into discs 10 cm in diameter, place 1 tablespoon of spread in the center, pour over a second layer of pancake batter (to cover the spread) then leave to color on fire medium and, when bubbles start to appear on the surface, flip the pancakes with a spatula. Let the other side brown for about 1 minute.

To serve

When the pancakes are golden on both sides, place them on the plates. Cover them with banana slices and a quenelle of whipped cream.

Fait Maison n ° 5 , Cyril Lignac, Éditions de la Martinière.

Available in bookstores
for 12.90.

© Cyril Lignac Group

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