How to make a homemade cordon bleu with Juan Arbelaez?

Cordon Bleu Juan Arbelaez

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A true home-made activist, Juan Arbelaez helps us get started easily. "The day I decided to become a cook, I knew that I was going to campaign all my life against 'junk food' and put forward producers and sustainable consumption methods. The Biocoop cooperative decided to tackle ultra-processed products. For them, and for me this project is obvious, I am convinced that the best recipes are those with the fewest ingredients possible! "

Juan Arbelaez's homemade cordon bleu recipe

1. Season the beef with a little salt and sear it in a hot pan with a drizzle of olive oil. If you want it rare, cook it for 1 minute on each side. During this time, clean the turkey and split it to have a very fine meat.

2. For the breading, break two eggs into a bowl and beat them. Spread the flour in one dish, and the eggs in another. Pour the breadcrumbs into a third container.

3. Cut the Comté and the beef into thin strips. Wash and chop the parsley. Lay the turkey flat and split it again to be able to stuff it. Salt and pepper.

4. Arrange a layer of Comté cheese strips over the turkey, then top with the beef. Add a little parsley then another very thin layer of Comté. Close the blue cord. Roll it in the flour, then in the egg, then the breadcrumbs, repeat the operation.

5. Put a drizzle of olive oil and a clove of garlic in the hot pan. Add a sprig of thyme for the flavor and taste, and a knob of butter for a nice color. Cook over very medium heat so that the inside is cooked without the breadcrumbs burning.

6. Drizzle with the cooking juices until you get a nice color. Cook for 8 minutes on each side. When the cheese begins to melt on the outside of the cordon bleu, it is done.

7. For the parsley, put the parsley in the pan, mix it with the cooking juices then place on the cordon bleu.

8. Season the whole with pepper and cut the cordon bleu into strips.

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