Buckwheat crab pancake with Pink Lady apples and lemon balm

Preparation of 10 buckwheat pancakes :

In a large bowl mix the different flours, the salt, then incorporate the cold milk little by little to obtain a smooth textured paste. Incorporate the butter and finish with the egg. Leave to sit for one hour in a cold spot.

Pan fry the pancakes and set aside. Cut the pancakes in rectangles.


Preparation of the lemon balm emulsion :

Warm the milk in a pan. Just before it reaches boiling point, dip the lemon balm leaves and allow to simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Then put in the blender before pouring the emulsion in a siphon.


Preparation of the raw crab flesh :

In a little pan, mix the shredded crab flesh with finely diced peeled and pitted Pink Lady apples.

Add the chiseled lemon balm and the green lemon juice, hazelnut oil, Espelette pimento and mashed potato flakes to link the sauce.

Roll up the pancakes like makis, setting up the raw tartare crab in a regular way,  then cutting it up in chunks.

Add the lemon balm emulsion with the help of a siphon.

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Ingredients for 10 buckwheat pancakes :

- 280 g of buckwheat flour

- 50 g of wheat flour

- 5 g of salt

- 55 cl of cold water

- 1 egg

- 30 g of nut butter

- 2 big cooked crabs or the equivalent in  shelled crab flesh

- 2 Pink Lady apples

- 2 bunches of lemon balm

- 1 dash of Espelette pimento

- 1 green lemon juice

- 1 tablespoon of hazelnut oil

- 30 cl of milk

- 1 tablespoon of mashed potatoes flakes

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