Guillaume Salmon, Colette's secret weapon


He is a big fan of the PSG soccer club, tattoos and displays a super manly attitude, which happens to be rare and sexy in the fashion sphere.

His job? Communications manager of the most well-known concept-store in the world and organizer of events that send shivers down the spines of VIPs around the world.

In short, Guillaume Salmon is the man on the scene at Colette.

how I got into Colette

Colette storefront

Picture credit : Colette

By accident! I was a student, taking small jobs on the side. I heard about a Saint Laurent and Colette event, taking place at the Opéra. When I found out how much it was paid... I jumped on the occasion and was hired as a waiter! I asked them if they need a part-time sales person. At the time, I was a working as a copy-writer.

I learned that Victoire de Taillac, their PR at the time, was leaving Colette to start of as an independent. So I offered my services to handle in-house communication. When Colette interviewed me, she said: “I am aware you know nothing, so I will teach you, but you must stay at least 3 years !”.

We sealed a deal. It’s been 16 years and a half that I am working there.

what does a super attractive parisian gal look like ?

Impossible to describe a particular look! The Parisienne is so cosmopolitan, so diverse and varied—each one is different from another.

More than a look, which in these times of globalisation and uniformisation brings little in terms of freshness,

I prefer a sparkling gaze, good humour, a healthy attitude, a gourmet touch…that pretty much wraps it up in a nutshell, no?

My latest crush available at colette

Bookniture at Colette

Picture credit : Facebook Bookniture

I recently purchased a small Bookniture... Imagine a small ensemble of Moleskine style notebooks, to show off in your bookcase … that turns into a kraft stool — ideal for small Parisian flats—it’s an ideal small extra piece of furniture when your pals show up at the last minute.

The new trend

OAMC Tee shirt

Picture credit : OAMC

The success of urban-wear clothing with a real street influence on fashion that are not pale photocopies…

It’s really the new guard in terms of creation! I really like the creations of French brands such as OAMC and Geym.

At Geym, for example, there is a lot of cycling. And this comes out in their clothing that is both very elegant and supple. They go all the way in terms of materials.

How does an item end up on Colette's shelves ?

Food, Design, Fashion; Beauty, High Tech… Everyone is constantly making requests­—in many different fields…

It’s Sarah (the daughter of Colette, my founder) who makes the selection. She works by instinct: I like, I take; I don’t like, I don’t take.

Colette and Sarah have maintained the same freshness, the same curiosity and work energy since 19 years. We function as an independent and family oriented shop.

You cannot even begin to imagine all that we have offered at 213 rue Saint Honoré. Everything is possible here, even the unimaginable: showcasing cars, Opinel knives, as well as an Hermès scarf (a dream come true for Sarah and Colette), sports brand, Ladurée macaroons, an ephemeral shop for Chanel…

The idea is to surprise. We recently organized an event (the Colette ski Class) and a totally unusual selection around the Catskills region, a small chain of mountains in the State of New York… and not a zoom on Brooklyn like everyone else… We offered products concocted by a local Granny: honey, leathers from this region, that nobody knows… now that’s original!

We really have an incredible job, with the opportunity of taking incredible trips. Recently, we recreated a water-bar in an oasis located in the middle of the Dubaï desert…

a few non-fashion related things I'm addicted to

 Waly Fay Restaurant

Picture credit : Facebook Waly Fay

Eating… (especially the Upstate Granola, made by a little Granny in Woodstock)

Doing nothing.

Boxing at Temple Noble-Art.

Going to Dinard in Brittany.

Not necessarily in that order.

Where I go to take care of me

L'encrerie tatoo shop

Picture credit : Facebook l'Encrerie

  • La Shaperie, where I have my beard clipped ever 15 days / 3 weeks
  • L’Encrerie, to get tattooed.
  • Des garçons, next to Colette

the one thing I always have on me

It’s a gift from Colette: my fetish Chrome Hearths rings. They are part of my personality.

The story of this brand is very particular. This biker began creating specific clothing for his buddies… Now, he has a boutique on avenue Montaigne, on Madison Avenue in New York… As well as Tokyo, Seoul, Miami...

Paris Saint-Germain football team, my passion

Guillaume Salmon,a strong fan of the PSG football team

Picture credit : Facebook Guillaume Salmon

It dates back to 1986, they became champions, I was 8- years-old. I became a fan of this club during the Canal TV channel years. I have a subscription to the Parc des Princes stadium! I alternate between the Boulogne tribune, where I go with my buddies and the private VIP enclaves where I am a regular guest.

When the Quataris bought the PSG, they wanted to make it the coolest club in the world and did not hesitate to offer other things that we set forth… They have made very interesting fashion collaborations with young Parisian brands such as Civissum and “Ich bin ein Parisien” tee-shirts.

We relayed at Colette the launch of their 3rd trophy with an evening at the shop, then we went to the Parc des Princes with the player’s bus. It was a kid’s dream. And I’m not even talking of the day when Zlatan signed his book at our place. It was like being a 4-year-old kid in the body of a 38-year-old. I was totally intimidated. And he was very nice. Very classy. Very pro.

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