How to make money without doing anything?

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We have good news for lazybones Parisiennes who dream of renting their flat through Airbnb to finance their summer holidays... But who back down at the idea of managing the practical side (making photos, putting in the ad, storing away belongings, booking the cleaning lady and the key hassle!).

Phew, a really terrific conciergerie that takes care of everything will handle it all for you! Explanations: the Hostmaker pros, first dedicated Airbnb conciergerie takes over: choice of guests, welcome, housekeeping, followed by the rental…Translation: you can win a few extra euros and won’t have to worry about anything. So there.

How does it work? You reserve on the site and they take care of everything! Hostmaker charges 20% of the monthly revenues and returns your flat just as it was when you left it the night before. The must? They help you improve your services in order to obtain more reservations and turn you into a super host!

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By Elodie Rouge and Suzanne Langlais

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