Spring rolls very light

2 Petits Rouleaux Frais Des De Chevre Soignon

Pleasant to eat and low in calories: a fresh diet treat. We definitely cannot resist these light rolls that won’t leave us hungry!

Description of the recipe

Prepare a round hollow recipient with a diameter slightly larger than your rice sheets. Pour about 3cm of water in the bottom.

Then prepare all the fresh ingredients that will be placed in the rice sheets:

Place the fresh goat cheese in a bowl.

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, then take off the skin of the two halves and cut it lengthwise into small sticks.

Sprinkle them with green lemon juice to avoid oxidation.

In the same manner, cut salmon slices of about 8 cm long by 3 cm wide. Even if some of them are shorter, you can use them by putting 2 pieces in a roll.

Wash the fresh soya and drain carefully.

Place these ingredients in front of you along with the small bouquets.

Set up a board on your kitchen counter to prepare the rice sheets. Delicately soak a first sheet in the recipient for about 2 minutes, it will fill up with water and become “soft”.

Slightly drain it and place it nice and flat on your board.

Place a few soya sprouts in the middle of the sheet, forming “a rectangle” about 8 cm wide by 2 cm high. Then on your bed of soya, place an avocado stick, a piece of salmon or 2 shrimp.

Then place the chunks of goat cheese and a twig of mint or fresh coriander.

Finally, fold over a side of the rice sheet on your preparation, then the second side (left/ right). Fold over the lower part and roll by keeping the lot tight until the top.

Delicately place your roll on a serving platter and set aside.

Renew the operation with the rest of the ingredients.

To present your “mini” rolls, cut them delicately into 3 small pieces. When serving, sprinkle them with lemon soya sauce.

If you do not serve them immediately, set aside in a cool space after covering with a damp paper towel.

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The ingredients

A dozen rice paper sheets: these edible rice sheets are used for the preparation of nems and Spring rolls, sold in round shapes.

120g of fresh goat cheese log, garlic and herbs (Soignon)

150g of fresh soya sprouts

1 ripe avocado but not too ripe!

2 slices or organic salmon, preferably organic

6 cooked pink shrimps (70/80 caliber)

1 small bouquet of fresh coriander

and 1 small bouquet of fresh mint to alternate savors!

Juice from half a green lemon

For the spring rolls sauce:

1 tablespoon of soya sauce

Juice from half a green lemon

1 tablespoon of raisin seed oil (easy to digest and not perfumed!)

salt and pepper mill


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