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No need to introduce super foodie Catherine Kluger who, one again, whets our appetite with her new book Super Nature. Amongst her many recipes, she has a great one for spring rolls with a sauce spiced up with peanut butter, yummy…

"I prepare spring rolls all year round with a variation of fillings: lentils, germinated seeds, avocado, salmon, chicken and even pastrami (my kids love it). The base is always the same and the rice wrap is very easy to roll."


PREPARATION: 40 minutes

1. I put the rice vermicelli in the salad bowl and pour the boiling water on top during 7 to 8 minutes in order to make them expand in. I drain and cool dip down by dipping them in cold water.

2. I wash, dry and finely chop up the salad and the herbs. I peel, rinse and grate the carrot. I mix everything in a salad bowl, then I add the rice vermicelli.

3. I dip them for a few minutes one by one, as I am garnishing the paddies in tepid water to soften them, and I place them on a damp dishtowel. In the middle of each patty I place 1 tablespoon of lentils, avocado, chicken, fish or pastrami, then on top about 2 tablespoons with a mix of salad, herbs, carrot, vermicelli. I fold over each side, then I delicately roll and place in the dish. Once the rolls are finished, I cover them with damp absorbing paper, I cover with plastic film and I set aside until serving time.

4. For the sauce, I loosen the peanut butter before adding all the other ingredients and, at the end, the washed coriander, drained and minced.

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100 g or rice vermicelli

1 small crispy lettuce or

3 hearts of baby lettuce

½ bunch of coriander

½ bunch of leafed mint

2 carrots

20 small or large 15 rice paddies

(on the Asian shelf)

1 avocado or 50 g or cooked lentils or

1 cooked breast of chicken of 5-6 slices

of pastrami or 2 large slices of

smoked salmon or 1 small pitted cucumber

and cut into small sticks

1 box of germinated seeds (optional)

For the spicy peanut sauce:

1,5 tablespoon of peanut butter

3 tablespoons of boiling water

10 cl of Thai sauce with soft pimento

(sweet chili sauce)

2 teaspoons of nuoc-mâm or

rice vinegar for a vegetarian version

2 teaspoons of soya sauce

2 teaspoon of green lemon juice

½ bunch of coriander


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