Il Caffé Da Rosa, our new favorite homespun coffee-shop!

Il Caffe Da Rosa

Are you on the lookout for a real Italian style "caffé"? Then go try the latest ultra-desirable one signed Da Rosa. We already knew their mythical restaurant-grocery store in the 6th and the fashion cantina near Cambon.

Here is the new kid sister, ultra cozy « take away » cantina in the district of Charonne that is sure to create the buzz amongst foodies looking for upscale eats. Because here, like everywhere in the Da Rosa universe, good products are top of the list. They are even offering the nec plus ultra: unpasteurized buffala mozarella produced in the valley of Cilento, Salerne, albacore tuna from the Cantabrian Sea, etc etc…

Comptoir du restaurant

Hurray for deluxe street-food with irresistible focaccias, concocted by a talented chef, amazing soups (broths or velvety) served with seed sachets … The ultimate in comfort food is taking place here !

Yummy: cakes made with lemons, candied fruit, matcha, the cults pasteis de Nata, to be customized with a top notch coffee (Terres de Café)

Formula: between 9€50 and 14€50. Coffee starting at 2€


Open Monday – Friday, from 10am to 6pm

Also discover the ephemeral café of Julia Sammut in Paris.

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Where to find it?

Il caffè da rosa

15 rue Basfroi

75011 Paris

Voltaire (leon Blum) Voltaire (leon Blum)

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