The ephemeral café of Julia Sammut in Paris

Cafe Ephemere De Julia Sammut Chez Merci

Drum roll! All the natives of Marseille in Paris are  waiting impatiently. Trendy foodies “in the know” also. The incredible Julia Sammut, apostle of good eats from the Me city, is setting up an ephemeral table in Paris this Fall. In short: the not-to-be missed food residence.

Explanations. The owner of the grocery shop A l’Idéal that titillates the taste buds of Noailles as well as all the hipsters with good taste is setting up Paris, live from Merci… If you did not have the time to see his work in Marseille, you have no more excuses.

espace cafe avec tableaux sur le mur

Yummy… Julia is taking over the 3 kitchens of the concept-store ( Cantine, Used Book and Café)  to concoct her incredible small dishes and deluxe nibbles to share, order, recommend—a total Med high

Your mouth is already watering ? A fab houmous with broiled chickpeas, fresh parsley, a balloon cauliflower with feta, oregano, capers, lemon paste, a braid of mozzarella, lemon condiment, hand of Bouddha or addictive “polpettes and passata”… (Between €8 and 23 for each dish)

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We like: taking advantage of the store to rummage around and depart with ultra-niche products, from more than perfect sourcing origins such as vacuum packed hazelnuts from Priorat sous vide, Accoules “navettes” pastries, sachets with a magical mix of spices, roasted rice, or wonderful calissons.

Julia Sammut at Merci from the 8th to the 18th of November, Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

Discover also Hébé, the new med restaurant and Little Mana.

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Where to find it?


111, Boulevard Beaumarchais

75003 Paris

01 42 77 00 33


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