The hair rising Jurassic World exhibition

Expo Jurassic World

If Jurassic Park is part of your cult films, you probably know that Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom is about to invade the cinemas on June the10th. And to celebrate the arrival of this new blockbuster, the Cité du Cinéma welcomes a sidebar exhibition.

Inaugurated at the Victoria Museum in Melbourne, Jurassic World / l’Exposition is a journey in a XXL jungle filled with very realistic looking dinosaurs: adorable baby parasaurolophs, a velociraptor larger than life, stegosaurs, bracchiosaurs and other huge beasts who howl and move around in animatron. Bluffing! Thanks to a tactile screen, you can even create and send yourself by email your own monster, coloured and pimped as you wish, Sims style.

But the big hit of the show is obviously the huge T-Rex weighing more than two tons (one third of its supposed weight), that takes over an entire gallery and advances towards you to overturn a car with its muzzle. Sensitive souls abstain. Fun fact: its roar is in fact the slow motion bark of a jack russell.

Our advice: look up ahead of time information on the life of dinos, in order to impress your +1 and compensate the fact you don’t learn.

We like: playing the game with the very friendly staff, that encourages kids not to extend their hands in the paddock: “Avoid flashing the dinosaur, otherwise he eats everyone. It already happened and it would be too pad”. #lol

Also discover the series where everyone is naked and a girl power film with Lambert Wilson.

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