The cool dish for Summer: raw sea bass with Wasabi

Un Tartare De Bar Au Wasabi

We all dream of cool raw tartares to savor without putting on any weight this Summer. Our  gourmet and ultra light plate ? A raw sea bass with its espuma of Wasabi !

Preparation : 15 min

For 4 persons

Step 1

In a siphon, pour the Sirops à Idées Moulin de Valbonne Wasabi taste and the cold liquid fresh cream, then close it up.

Step 2

Cap the gas cartridge and shake. Before serving, put in the icebox for 2 h minimum so that the preparation and the siphon are at same temperature.

Step 3

Cut the raw bass in regular small cubes with a large sharp knife. Set them aside in a recipient. Chisel the bouquet of coriander, add to the cut up bass.

Season with salt, oil, shallots, ginger, star anise, lemon juice, small spring leeks, add the diced cucumber and the slivers of radish, delicately mix all together.

Step 4

To serve, set up a circle in a plate, fill with tartare. Pull up the circles and pour some d’Espuma with Sirops à Idées goût Wasabi on each bass tartare.

Each plate should be presented this way.

Also discover the red tuna tartare of the restaurant Le Drugstone and the fresh raw mango-salmon.

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400 g of fresh sea bass

1 pinch of slat

1 pinch of powdered ginger

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 bouquet of coriander

2 chiseled shallots

A few small spring leeks

1 tablespoon of pressed lemon juice

1 pinch of powder star anise

1/2 pitted cucumber cut into small cubes

8 washed radishes in thinly slivers

20 cl of cold liquid fresh cream

5 cl of Sirop à Idées Moulin de Valbonne

Wasabi taste

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