Really fresh raw mango-salmon

Tartare De Saumon

Here is the darling recipe of the DO IT TEAM for a light treat that will impress the gals. Demonstration.

Put the salmon for 10 minutes in the freezer so that it hardens and will be easier to cut. Peel the onions and the shallots then chop up finely. Cut the mango with a knife in small squares of the same size.

Remove the salmon from the freezer and dice up. Mix it with the onions and the shallots as well as half a lemon juice, season (salt and pepper). Mix up well then add the mango.   Mix again more delicately.

Pour the preparation inside a shape maker or a circle, then press down with a spoon and remove the circle. Sprinkle with the reaming lemon juice and serve immediately.

Serve with a small mâche lambs lettuce salad.


Also discover the red tuna tartare by Eric Frechon and the white pizzette with salmon.

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200g of fresh salmon

50g of mango

1 spring onion

1 shallot

1 lemon juice

Salt and pepper

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