The Provencal fritters of Edouard Loubet

Beignets De Legume

It’s crunchy, it’s Southern, filled with veggies and has a Holiday taste… In short, it’s the recipe for happiness. So when Edouard Loubet, the star of Provence chefs, whispers how to easily whip up his little fritters, we religiously head for our ovens.


Cut up the eggplant and the pumpkin in one centimeter slivers.

Place them on a plaque and season with salt to drain the water.

Fritter dough:

In a blender, place all the ingredients of the fritter dough until you obtain a smooth texture.

Dip each vegetable in the dough and fry at 180 °C in a big frying pot. Salt and set aside on a towel.

Serve warm with the mint leaves and sprinkle with pepper from the mill.


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1 large eggplant

1 quarter pumpkin

6 flowers of courgettes

6 small ears of corn

Fritter dough

80 g of flour

20 g of potato flower

2 g of chemical yeast

10 cl water

4 ice cubes

Salt and ground pepper

A few mint leaves

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