The really wild crazy popsicle by Jean-Paul Hévin


Jean-Paul Hévin, aka as the cocoa guru, revisits in his own way the icicle that one liked to bite into at the movies. Its cute name? Exquis Momo !

Imagine bourbon vanilla from Madagascar immersed in 75% haute couture black chocolate, cocoa from Madagascar or Venezuela depending on your taste. The first infuses notes or red fruit, while the second is more spicy.

Another little dip of grilled almonds before the shell becomes solid and not just bite into this deluxe magnum. Fab.

The final taste unveils a base of no gluten almond biscuit and chesnuts.

Exquis Momo, 2,80€

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Where to find it?

Jean-Paul Hévin

41 Rue de Bretagne

75003 Paris

01 44 61 94 43

Temple Temple

Filles Du Calvaire Filles Du Calvaire

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