The Beijing exhibition with Elbaz & J-P Gaultier !

While some are on display everywhere, Liu Bolin has chosen to play a low profile and disappear in the decor. Going into camouflage mode until you become invisible? Such is the incredible challenge of this Chinese artist who poses for hours without moving, like a statue, and ends up actually being part of the  photo.

The representations of all his performances are showcased at the la Galerie Paris Beijing. Thanks to body art, Liu Bolin morphs like a chameleon on place Tian'anmen, at the Grand Palais or in front of the Venice gondolas. The illusion is perfect and the result quite perturbing.

We adore : Jean Paul Gaultier and Alber Elbaz, our darling designers, who played the camouflage game for the series Lost in Fashion.

Until 9 March 2013

Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm

Free entrance

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