Mapplethorpe: a very rock n’ roll exhibition at Grand Palais

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His career spanned lasted less than 20 years (1970-1989) and yet the name Robert Mapplethorpe figures in the top tier of famous photographers.

Grand Palais is showcasing a grand retrospective in honor of this artist, as iconoclastic as he was meticulous, whose work was nourished on the New York underground of the 70’s and 80’s. All this with a background of sex (his death caused by aids was linked to his coming out), drugs (and rock’n’roll (Patti Smith was his girl friend and first muse).

We like: 250 ultra-refined photographs, for the most in black and white, portraits including those of his peers, Warhol, Grace Jones & co, but also characteristic sculptural nudes and still lives, by the one who liked to flirt dangerously with porn, are to be discovered in a room forbidden to those under 18 years!

The plus? A second exhibition is dedicated to him at the Rodin Museum. The parallel that is made between his photos and the works of the sculptor is quite simply amazing.

Robert Mapplethorpe, Grand Palais Galerie Sud-Est, until 13 July 2014, every day from 10am to 10pm  (doors closed at 8pm on Sunday and Monday). Weekly close on Tuesday.

Full rate 12 €

Mapplethorpe – Rodin from 8 April to 21 September 2014, everyday except Monday from 10am to 5h45pm, 12 €

Robert Mapplethorpe, Lisa Lyon, 1982 50,8 x 40,6 cm, Épreuve gelatino-argentique New York, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Donation from the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation in 1993 © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation.

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01 44 13 17 17

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