Mardi, the stylish crêperie in the Marais

New creperie at Marais in Paris

You really like trendy burger dens such as PNY or Blend Burger as well as the new hot coffee-shops? You are going to adore Mardi, this furiously contemporary crêperie that has just opened on Rue Rambuteau.

The anti-crêperie

Buckwheat pancake without gluten

A far cry from the usual clichés featuring cidre bowls and old-school decors that convey a strong feeling of Brittany in the 70’s, here you literally feel as though you were in a Brooklyn bagel canteen. Their fad: giving to crêpes the taste of the moment in a no-gluten buckwheat galette, common wheat or bagels…

The result is very eclectic results, far from the (“complète” egg, ham and cheese) : a “Burger” (€9) with cajun hamburger meat, cheddar and grilled onions, the “Mardiflette” (€9) with reblochon cheese, potatoes and bacon or the “Tunisienne” with tuna + egg + harissa cream (€6) or the “Poulette” with satay chicken and mushrooms (€7.50).

Make Your Own

A crepe made to measure, ham of Paris, smoked salmon, sausage of Montbéliard

Here, foremost, the idea is making the client happy and offering customized crêpes. You choose your favourite base, and apply the recipe and its ingredients (Paris hqm, smoked salmon, Montbéliard sausage, egg, bacon, burger meat…) and adding along the way fresh cream, reblochon, olives; tomatoes, cheddar et autres…

Foodporn for dessert

Sweets addicts will be in heaven: nutella -bananas-slivered almonds, salty butter caramel and caramelised apples, nuciola chantilly (between €5 and €6.50). You said yummy?

Open non-stop Monday to Saturday from 11:45am to 10:30pm (11:30pm during the weekend).

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Where to find it?


60, rue Rambuteau

75003 Paris

01 43 56 69 10


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