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Celebrities no longer hesitate to pass on their knowledge in the form of online courses

Alicia Keys , Douglas Kennedy , Dorothée Gilbert … The VIPs invite themselves to your home to teach you a lesson. Today the celebrities no longer hesitate to pass on their knowledge in the form of online course , to be taken in a cool way on the couch. Success guaranteed!

Learn classical dance with the star Dorothée Gilbert

The masterclass of the star dancer Dorothé Gilbert

For who ? Black Swan fans.

Have you always dreamed of joining a ballet school and twirling point-to-toe gracefully, like a little rat from the Opera? While waiting to return to the stage, the principal dancer Dorothée Gilbert has launched, its video content platform dedicated to classical dance .

There are, of course, dance lessons , but also fitness and stretching sessions, as well as tutorials (stage make-up, preparation of pointe shoes), to discover the backstage and secrets of a ballet dancer . All to follow when you want in your living room.

How it works ? The subscription gives access to all the content 24 hours a day, around 8 hours for the moment, with regular additions. 150 € / year.

Writing his first bestseller with the help of Douglas Kennedy

The masterclass of the writer Douglas Kennedy

For who ? The future Leïla Slimani who are working on their first novel .

By the way, did you know that the author of Chanson Douce followed a writing workshop following the rejection of her first text by publishing houses? What if the next Goncourt winner was you?

On The Artist Academy , the American novelist Douglas Kennedy shares his advice through 12 videos recorded in perfect French, completed by exercises and a group video lesson. On the program: find inspiration, create fascinating characters, adopt the right working method… Everything you need to know to hope to become a successful writer in 3 hours flat.

How it works ? The subscription gives access 24 hours a day to all the content of the masterclass for 1 year. € 117 for the classic package and € 497 to meet Douglas Kennedy in real life at the end of the training. Other VIPs share their tips on The Artist Academy : become an ace of photography with Yann-Arthus Bertrand , bake like a chef with Yann Couvreur , break into music with Maître Gims , undertake fashion with Chantal Thomass

Become a real girlboss thanks to the chef Anne-Sophie Pic

The Anne Sophie Pic masterclass

For who ? The leaders who lack confidence and those who want to set up their business.

We are not born a leader, we become one. The proof is with the testimony of Anne-Sophie Pic , the only 3-star female chef in France, to whom the first season of the documentary series Who's the boss is devoted. This should clear up some of them. Over the course of 6 thematic episodes focused on leadership , the famous chef's hat reveals its recipe for success.

How it works ? The Who's the boss series is available exclusively on Welcome Originals , a sort of professional development Netflix created by Welcome to the jungle. The trial is free for 7 days, then € 7.99 / month.

Become a Pop Star with Alicia Keys

The masterclass of pianist Alicia Keys

For who ? The next Beyoncé. What ? “ Sky is the limit ”, they say!

It's heavy ! Among its famous teachers, the American platform MasterClass offers a lesson of more than 3 hours one-to-one with…Alicia Keys , the one and only . Goal ? Write a future hit.

Attention, it is better to revise your English because the videos, 19 in total, are shot in the language of Shakespeare, with English subtitles. The author of Fallin ' goes over the steps, from inspiration to production, to release a hit.

How it works ? The subscription gives 24-hour access to the entire masterclass for 1 year for $ 200 / year. You can also take acting lessons from Natalie Portman and cooking lessons from Massimo Bottura , elected chef of the best restaurant in the world or make-up tutorials from Bobbi Brown himself!

Break into fashion with Olivier Rousteing and Isabel Marant

Masterclass with Isabel Marrant and Olivier Rouststein

For who ? Those who would see their name on the fashion week calendar.

Live my life as a renowned designer. In the series of podcasts Innovating in fashion to listen to on the audio platform Majelan , Isabel Marant and Olivier Rousteing , emblematic DA of Balmain, invite us behind the scenes of their creative process.

At the microphone of Loïc Prigent , these two figures of the fashion world share their sources of inspiration and their secrets to catch the eye of Anna Wintour.

How it works ? A subscription to Majelan gives you 24-hour access to around a hundred masterclasses and podcasts geared towards business and personal development. € 6.99 / month.

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