The new series to watch during the holidays

Series Ete 2020

You need look no further for your favourite series, 4 brand new top productions have just shown up on Netflix, Canal + Séries and SFR Play.

The most bling bling: Riviera

Bande annonce de la série riviera

The pitch: On the French Riviera, a yacht explodes. On board: billionaire Constantine Clios. While inquiring about his death, his widow Georgina discoveries shams, lies and corruption. Things are hot amongst the super rich.

Why we like it? Monaco, your ruthless world. Created by Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Borgia), Riviera is a sulfurous and addictive thriller that is going to keep you very busy during summer evenings. The casting features US stars, starting with Julia Stiles (Dexter, the Jason Bourne saga), Anthony LaPaglia (FBI Without a trace), Iwan Rheon (Games of Thrones), Lena Olin (Alias), sprinkled with a dose of French Touch featuring actors Vincent Perez and Nora Arnezeder. The decors are amazing! Infinity pools, dream villas, big cars, blue skies… Keep those Ray Bans on. You enjoy luxury? You will adore the adventures of the terrible Clios family. A show enriched with sequins, suspense and vice, as glam as a glass of champagne on the terrace of the Martinez.

Riviera : 10 episodes. Since June 16th on SFR Play.

The funniest: Crashing

Bande annonce de la série Crashing

The pitch: Due to the housing crisis, six penniless Brits decide to squat an empty hospital.

Why do we like it? Ahhhh community living… From Friends to Big Bang Theory, a bottomless source of inspiration for showrunners. In Crashing, six Londoners share the rent and the washing up. Whether it’s Sam, the wired hunk obsessed with Fred, the shy gay of the gang; Melody, the Frenchy, who wants to seduce Colin, a divorced 50-year-old; Anthony – waiter at Don’t give a fork!, and engaged to goody-goody Kate. Finally Lulu, childhood friend of Anthony, as off-the-wall as Kate is psycho-rigid. To be avoided by chaste types: in Crashing, they drink (heavily), chase each other around (often), have intimate talks (love also). Between misunderstandings, parties that end up in psychodramas and heavy-duty hangovers, it’s funny, daring, on the spot and entertaining. We adore.

Crashing: Six episodes. On Canal + series on 1/07, on Canal + the 24/07.

The most torrid: You Me Her

Bande annonce de la série You me her

The pitch: After a first mucho caliente season, the time has come for Jack, Izzy and Emma to display their polylove in the full daylight. Summer will be hot, hot, hot !

Why we like it? In Portland, the Jack and Emma couple is very boringly happy. Love on a shelf. Sparkling Izzy, student in psychology, is going to awaken the sex drive of these forty-year-olds who were eager for change. Can you love two persons at the same time? Having the same lover as your husband? Also who sleeps in the middle ? Without taboo nor vulgarity, this daring US production takes on the topic of the trouple (a three-person couple). Jealousy, gossip, social etiquette … with pertinence and lightness, without ever being caricatural, the intrigue explores the circumvolutions of this love triangle. The casting (Greg Poehler, Rachel Blanchard, Priscilla Faia) is fresh and impeccable. And to boot, you get great views on Portland, the very arty city. Hot and romantic.

You Me Her : Season 2, 10 episodes. Currently on Netflix.

The most off-the-wall: Glow

Bande annonce de la série Glow

The pitch: During the 80s in Hollywood, a film director of Z series puts together a women’s wrestling TV show. Glo: the girl power series that is going to knock you out.

Why we like it? The new nugget Orange is the new black, Glow is inspired by a true story. That of 14 slightly wild gals, who are chosen to become the queens of wrestling. The strong points of this terrific adaptation: bizarre and attaching heroines (incarnated by Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin or singer Kate Nash), a very juicy scenario mixing feminism, comedy and sports—last but not least, FAB outfits, straight from the 80s. Just like the sound track, a real ode to synthetic music (Van Halen, Roxette…) In short, the original atmosphere of the time is perfectly showcased, tight down to the blow dry/permed hairstyles. So just slip on your fluorescent leotard and enter the ring !

Glow: 10 episodes. Since June 23 on Netflix.

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