Getting seats for a hot exhibition-show

Lady Gaga, Pitches or Crazy Horse dancers, that’s him

Charlie Le Mindu, “hairdresser to the stars”, has landed at the Palais de Tokyo with an extravagant happening. In short, a Spring experience, to live absolutely!

Half-way between exhibition and show, the designer has imagined 12 living paintings in which he showcases his hairy creations with a musical background inspired by the mythical Berghain Club in Berlin. His strange but captivating creatures will bluff you during 1h45.

We like: the surrealistic and hypnotic universe  offered by Charlie who invites to push hair to its limits until the most bestial entrenchment.

At the Palais de Tokyo starting at 13 €, until the 9th of April.

© Guillaume Lebrun / Atelier Diptik & Alice Rosati.

Charlie Wood

By Thibault Leclerc @kindof_tl

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