Meatballs with white sauce from Top Chef Mohamed Cheikh

Recette Kefta

This is the kefta recipe to die for. The winner of Top Chef 2021 Mohamed Cheikh , reveals a recipe from his new book: My Mediterranean cuisine published by Solar.

On the menu: beef meatballs with homemade white sauce that are super easy to make. Remember to prepare them the day before to respect the marinade time which makes all the difference. Enjoy your meal'

Recipe for 6 people. Preparation: 30 min. Cooking: 7 min. Marinade: one night.

The list of ingredients and products to grab

1 kg flank steak

For the kefta marinade: 25 g powdered coriander 25 g powdered caraway 25 g smoked paprika 25 g sweet paprika 10 g powdered cumin 25 g powdered garlic 150 g grapeseed oil 10 g fine salt

For the white sauce: 10 g mint 180 g Greek yoghurt Juice and zest of ½ lemon 2 g garlic powder 5 g fine salt

For the red onion pickles: 1 red onion 300 g water 100 g white vinegar 3 g caster sugar 3 g fine salt 1 g cracked pepper

For the coriander oil: 4 bunches of coriander 250 g grapeseed oil

For the dressing: 120 g of fried onions 2 trays of coriander shoots

Utensils: 1 piping bag, 1 blender, 1 strainer



Prepare the marinade: combine the spices, the garlic powder and the salt in a deep dish, add the oil then mix with a whisk. Marinate the meat for 12 hours in a cool, covered place.

Prepare the white sauce: strip the mint and chop it. Mix the yogurt, lemon zest and juice. Stir in the chopped mint, garlic powder and salt.

Prepare the red onion pickles: peel the red onion, cut it into four vertically. Core each quarter then cut in half. Separate the petals one by one and arrange them in a jar.

Bring water to a boil with white vinegar, salt, sugar and pepper. Pour the pickle marinade into the jar, over the red onion.

Prepare the coriander oil: thin the coriander leaves. Prepare a container of water with ice cubes. Bring a large volume of well-salted water to a boil, plunge the coriander leaves into it for 3 minutes, then plunge them into the ice water.

Drain them then press them in a tea towel. Mix everything while incorporating the grapeseed oil little by little. Place a tea towel on a strainer and filter, letting it run drop by drop.

Blend the fried onions using a food processor. Heat a frying pan. Remove excess marinade, season tab with salt and pepper on both sides. Sear the tab for 2 minutes on each side. For more cooked meat, finish cooking by placing it in a preheated oven at 180°C (th. 6).

Cut the meat into slices in the horizontal direction of the fibers. Distribute them on the plates, use a pastry bag to evenly pipe the white sauce on the tab. Finalize the dressing with the fried onions, coriander sprouts, red onion pickles then drizzle the coriander oil.

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