How to make a light and sexy veal carpaccio?

Recettes Carpaccio Veau

A veal carpaccio that smells good on long spring evenings on the terrace. With the arrival of green asparagus on the market shelves, we take the opportunity to put them on the plate.

For 4 people

Preparation time : 30 minutes

Cooking time : 1 minute

Cooling time : 15 minutes


  • Cut the veal tenderloin into very thin slices using a sharp knife. Reserve in the fridge.
  • Make long, thin slices of asparagus using a peeler or mandolin.

  • Place them in a salad bowl with a few pinches of fleur de sel and the juice of a lemon to soften them.

  • Cook the beans for 1 minute in salted boiling water and cool in cold water. Drain and dry.
  • Cut the Beaufort into strips using a peeler.
  • Divide the slices of veal fillet on the plates.

  • Arrange the asparagus and broad beans harmoniously on the veal slices.

  • Season with a drizzle of olive oil, zest and lemon juice, salt flower and berry pink. Finish with strips of Beaufort. Serve very chilled.

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