Do you know the Nice Cream?

Recette Nice Cream

Nice Cream is the new glossy phenomenon which everyone speaks. Normal: these vegan ice creams are thrilling the healthy planet. Lactose free , highly dietetic, hyper photogenic and too easy to achieve, Instagram fit girls love it. Manual.

Preparation: 7 minutes

Rest: 3 hours

Cooking: 3 minutes

For 2 people


Cut ripe bananas into large chunks and place them in a freezer bag for at least 3 hours, or several days in advance.

Crush the dried fruits . Dry roast in a pan for 2 minutes, then add 3 tbsp. tablespoons syrup tonka.

Leave to caramelize for 1 minute, then pour everything onto baking paper and let cool.

Grate the tonka bean .

Blend the frozen bananas with the almond milk , turmeric and grated tonka bean until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Serve immediately in pretty bowls and sprinkle with pieces of caramelized dried fruit .

Livre de recette de Marie-Lou Lizé et Charles Bouchart, éditions Marabout

Marie-Lou Lizé and Charles Bouchart's spice bar at Éditions Marabout, € 15.90

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