An ultra sophisticated salad for a light dinner

Recette Salade Haddock

A vitamin-packed seasonal salad for a very light dinner . On the menu: anchovy fillets , green lentils , mint leaves and smoked haddock .


  • Cook the lentils for 20 to 25 minutes with the coarse salt.

  • Cook the haddock in the milk for 15 min, drain and crumble.

  • Place the egg yolks in the soy sauce . Leave to marinate for 20 minutes.

  • Chop the washed mint .

  • Wash the mesclun and prepare the vinaigrette .

  • In a bowl, combine the lentils, haddock, eggs drained with soy sauce (using a spoon), mint, mixed greens and vinaigrette.

Extract from the book Batch cooking free light dinners , First edition, € 9.95

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