The fabulous Tonkatsu of the Levha sisters

Club Sandwich Tonkatsu Du Cafe Panache

Compilations layerings of brioché bread, breaded chicken and Japanese omelet. The club sandwich from the Land of the Rising Sun at Café Panache is the new gourmet buzz.

For 4 persons


Prepare a spicy mayonnaise with a little bit of fresh green pimento seasoned with lemon juice

Mince the cabbage and mix with the mayonnaise

Bread the chicken English style the cook it

Toasts the slices of bread on each side

Create an omelet with 2 eggs

Pile up the club sandwich as follows: toasting bread, chicken, red cabbage fresh pimento, Sriracha coriander sauce

To be served with a nice green salad and you are all set !


Also discover the onion soup recipe of Jean-François Piège, the croque monsieur of the restaurant Vins des Pyrénées and the recipe for a healthy club sandwich.

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- 2 slices of toasting bread

- 1 chicken filet

- 4 eggs

- 20 g of flour

- 50 g of bread crumbs

- 80 g or red cabbage

- 20 cl of sunflower oil

- mustard

- lemon juice

- fresh green pimento

- sriracha sauce sold at Kmart 

- fresh coriander

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