Finally : a really healthy club sandwich

Club Sandwich Chevre

Originally from New York, the club sandwich is a snacking must. Here, plain sandwich bread is replaced by black bread. Its dense texture is softened by the texture of the goat cheese. In addition to the cheese, a slice of avocado, arugula, and spinach sprouts are used at the heart of this recipe, whose taste is enhanced by the pesto.

For 2 persons

Cooking time: 20 min.

Preparation time: 1 min.

Preparation :

Start by preparing the pesto. Peel the garlic clove and place it in a blender bowl. Add the arugula, the pine nuts and the parmesan—mix for a few seconds. Then pour the olive oil, salt and pepper if needed, then mix again until you obtain a homogenous preparation. Set aside.

Slightly toast the slices of black bread.

Then pit and peel the avocado then cut it lengthwise in rather thick slices.

Spread the arugula pesto on each slice of bread, then add a generous slice of goat cheese.

Finally, place the avocado slices as well as the spinach sprouts.

Close up each sandwich.



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Ingredients :

- 8 slices of black break

- 1/2 puck of goat cheese

- 2 handfuls of spinach sprouts

- 1 avocado

- 100 g of arugula

- 1 garlic clove

- 100 ml olive oil

- 40 g of parmesan

- 50 g of pine nuts

- Ground pepper

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