Le Vin des Pyrénées has shared its secret recipe with us !

Recipe of the croque monsieur des Vins of the Pyrenees

We already told you about the Vins des Pyrénées restaurant  in the Marais that sends out the very best. And since they really love us, the chef accepted to share his recipe with us… Brioché bread, cream and gouda without forgetting the nutmeg touch for this small “added plus” that will make all the difference. We are hungry!

For 1 croque-monsieur

Preparation :

Grate the gouda. Mix the cream, milk, nutmeg and the egg yolk. Incorporate the cheese with the mix, salt and pepper.

Preheat the oven to 180 °C (th. 6). On a first slice of bread place 50 g of cheese, then 50 g of the ham chiffonnade. Place a second slice on top and divide another 50 g of cheese. Repeat the operations 5 times in order to obtain 6 croque-monsieur.

Place a sheet of aluminium at the bottom of the oven. Then place the croque-monsieur on a grill and cook for 15 mn, then under the grill for 2 mn.

Serve the croque-monsieur with a seasoned green salad.


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- 12 slices of brioche toasting bread

- 600 g of farmer gouda cheese with black truffle

- 300 g of Paris ham chiffonnade

- 25 cl of liquid cream

- 50 cl of milk

- 1 g of nutmeg

- 1 egg yolk

- Salt, pepper

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