The hot-dog of fit Parisiennes


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Gluten-free addicts and girls on a diet will love this. Giving a twist to hot dogs by eliminating the bun while keeping its foodporn capital with apples and small potatoes.

Preparation: 20 mn

Cooking: 25 mn

For 12 mouthfuls.

Cook the potatoes in salted water, start with cold water, 20 minutes after boiling, allow to cool down, peel and cut lengthwise.

Mix the fresh cheese, the chizeled coriander, salt and pepper.

Wash the apple and remove the core, cut in 12 thick slivers, pour the lemon juice on them to avoid blackening.

Heat a pan or on the grill, cook the veal sausages for 8 minutes on a moderate flame, turning them regularly and cutting them in three.

Place an apple sliver on each half potato, add the fresh cheese and a piece of veal sausage, keep it all together with a tooth pick or spike and sprinkle with chizeled coriander just before serving.

Tip from the chef:

For a more tender version, colour the apple slivers for a few minutes in butter.


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- 4 veal sausages

- 6 small spring potatoes

- 1 yellow apple

- 1 lemon

- A few twigs of fresh coriander

- 200 g of fresh farmer cheese

- Salt and pepper from the mill

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