The pita sandwich of Juan Arbelaez

Pitta Veau Hache

The Colombian chef has created a wildly couture Med sandwich made with chopped veal and eggplant. A killer.

Preparation :

Pita Bread: 5 minutes (plus the waiting time)

Pita : about 20 minutes

Cooking : depends on how you wish your veal cooked

For 4 persons

Preparation of the pita:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl then allow to sit one night in a refrigerator in order to obtain dough.

The next day, spread the dough between two leaves of sulfurized paper, cutting the dough in 4 small balls of the same size, then delicately unstuck the dough. Cook the dough in a pan or à la plancha for 2 minutes on each side and immediately garnish, the pita must be served warm.

Preparation of the garnishing:

Mix the ground veaĺ with the chizeled herbs (parsley, coriander, mint), the garlic and a pinch of fleur de sel and Espelette pimento. Pan fry a little bit of the mix to season and rectify if need be.

Form small balls with the mix, then flatten to recreate a flat shape. Cook in a non-sticking pan without any fat until you obtain the desired cooking (the ground veal is often tasted pinkish).

Cut the eggplant into slices of about 0,5 cm environ then pan fry. Place on a platter and pour the vinegar and honey.

Present the pita bread flat out and a slice of eggplant on top. Add the flat veal pieces then the red onion minced as you wish. Add the cherry tomatoes, a quarter of bib lettuce on each pita, a few mint leaves and the grated zests of yellow bergamot. Close the pita breads by rolling them and taste.

Recipe text : Pentecost veal / Juan Arbelaez
Photo credit : Pentecost veal / Amélie Roche

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Ingredients for the pita :

- 500 g of flour

- 10 cl of olive oil

- 10 g of sugar

- 5 g of yeast

-  25 g of Kalamata olive cream or tapenade

- 10 g of squid ink

- 7 g of salt

- Sulfurized paper

The alternative of the chef: you can replace the squid ink pita with a Mexican tortilla. 

Ingredients for the garnishing :

- 400 g of ground veal meat

- 1 yellow bergamot

- 1/2 bunch of parsley

- 1/2 chopped garlic clove

- 1/2 bunch of coriander

- 1 minced red onion

- 10 cherry tomatoes cut in 2

- A few mint leaves

- 1 baby lettuce cut in 4

- 1 eggplant

- 3 tablespoons of Xérès vinegar

- 1 tablespoon of honey

- Powdered pimento of Espelette

- Fleur de sel

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