We are going to make you like kale

Recette Kale

1.     Cook the pasta

2.     1 min after the cooking has begun add the kale leave to the pan

Remove the stems

When it’s cooked, drain the mix before putting it back in the pan

3.     In the pan, add the chopped green onions, the pesto, cannelloni beans, drained then the chopped pecan nuts

Mix well and serve your salad warm or cold (courgette).

livre recettes légumes enfants

Very colourful and easy-to-make kid-friendly vegetarian recipes from the cookbook: ""Le livre de cuisine qui fait aimer les fruits et les légumes aux enfants" by Erin Gleeson.

Also discover the light and no gluten recipe for veggies pastas and the raviolis stuffed with fish.

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Ingredients :

- 225 g of pasta

- 4 large leaves of kale

- 2 chopped green onions

- 75 ml of pesto

- 1 box (430 g) of drained cannelloni beans

- 60 g of chopped pecan nuts

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