Grilled Summery calamari

Salade De Calamars

A recipe that immediately takes you to a beach restaurant.

1/ Ask your fishmonger to prepare the calamari (remove the skins and empty while leaving the entire cone)

2/ Peel the garlic cloves and blanch 1mn in a small pan of water. Drain, refresh and chop finely. Pan fry with a dash of Puget Classique olive oil, and when these small crisps taken on a blond colour, place them on absorbing paper towels.

3/ Cut the piquillos in strips and delicately wash the spinach shoots. In a salad bowl, mix the above ingredients, seasons with 2 tablespoons of Vinaigrette Légère biphasée Puget Ail Piment d’Espelette.

4/ Cut the calamari in 1-cm rings. In a warm pan, pour two spoons of Puget Classique olive oil and cook quickly.

Deglaze with a dash of Xérès vinegar, sprinkle with chiseled chives and spread on your plates garnished with salad. Add garlic crisps and enjoy.


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Ingredients :

- 500 g of small calamari

- Puget Classique olive oil

- 1 small jar of piquillos of peeled soft grilled peppers

- 100 g of spinach shoots

- 1 garlic head

- 1 small bunch of chives

Vinaigrette Légère biphasée Puget Ail

- Piment d’Espelette.

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