Save the date Luchini by Zeller

Save the Date, Fabrice Luchini is back on stage in February in « Une heure de tranquillité », la nouvelle the new comedy by the very appreciated Florian Zeller.

The pitch ? Luchini interprets Michel, a jazz fan. He is about to listen to rare record he has just found. But his hour of tranquility will soon become a nightmare because of neurotic wife, his gothic offspring, his mistress... and even his plumber!

A contemporary vaudeville to be reserved immediately.

Une heure de tranquillité

Starting 24 February, Tuesday to Saturday at 9pm

Sunday at 4pm

Booking at 01 42 08 77 71 or on

Starting at 20 €

written by

Where to find it?

Théâtre Antoine

14, boulevard de Strasbourg

75010 Paris

01 42 08 77 71

Strasbourg-saint-denis Strasbourg-saint-denis

Chateau D'eau Chateau D'eau

Strasbourg-saint-denis Strasbourg-saint-denis

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